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British Humor… Bloody Hell!

I put forth the question: Why are British people so funny? I give to you as evidence: Eddie Izzard, Ricky Gervais, Hugh Grant, Simon Pegg, Emma Thompson, et al.

Is it the accent? Is it because they have the funniest derogatory terms ever, such as wanker? Is it their snaggletooth smile?

I think it largerly has to do with the fact that they say such comedic remarks without any facial movement. Their air of arrogance is enviable at the very least. Their carriage is superb and makes you feel diminutive and insecure next to them. British people have an essence that cannot be duplicated as an American – innately judgemental, emotionally repressed, and downright hysterical! Maybe I’m British? My parents always told me they found me under a rock. I think it so happens that I was put there by a poor British woman and having been found early in life, have lost my accent.

As a final thought, I suggest a thorough review of the following:

Now bugger off.