A Little About Me, F.Y.I.

Jenna, jenna, bo benna…

My name is Jenna. I live with my husband, Jon, our daughter, an incredibly adorable bunny named Welby Tom Armitage, Duke of Reynolds and a gluttonous goldfish we call Nemo.

Quick Facts:

  • I am 100% Italian. I do mambo italiano on a regular basis and I like cannolis very, very much.
  • I’m mostly vegetarian (eat fish – doctor’s orders) and have been since I was 13.
  • I think the movie Love Actually is one of the best films ever made. Throw in A Bronx Tale and Funny Girl and call it an evening.
  • I cry frequently, wondering why they stopped production of Rock n’ Roll Jeopardy on VH-1.
  • I want to be many things, but mostly, something with wings. Preferably not an insect or bat.
  • I have one tattoo, and would have a few more, except my husband finds them repulsive. It is a panda and it is on my lower back and it has taken residence there since my 16th birthday. Its head is way too small for its body and it’s kinda’ ugly.
  • I like to hula hoop. I can do a couple tricks with a hula hoop.
  • My celebrity moments include a Direct Message from Tori Spelling on Twitter, a twitter conversation with Evel Dick and an interview with Guy Fieri.
  • I have a girl crush on Michelle Pfeiffer and a boy crush on Nelly.
  • I have an obsession with Amazon.com and get very upset when UPS doesn’t make a daily delivery.
  • I like to laugh. At you. Just kidding.

So yeah…

3 responses to “A Little About Me, F.Y.I.

  1. Rhonda Cavalier

    I’m such a fan!! Your work is amaziing and I loved looking at everything you’ve posted. Love Actually is one of the best movies ever made!!

  2. jenna, you are beautiful in your pic, but the red eyes kinda scare me. luv how mini-jenna shows up in my web browser.

  3. Thanks! I know – I need to do something about the red-eye on my camera. Mini-Jenna cracks me up!

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