Princess Num-Num

I wanted a little snack just now. My belly said, “Make it good.” My belly can be so demanding. I went downstairs and threw a few ingredients in my Vitamix and in 45 seconds, I had homemade hummus that made grocery store brands want to throw themselves down the disposal. (This was amazing, considering the ingredients consisted of a crayon, celery and two mints from my purse.)

(Insert screeching tire sound…) Back it up. A few months back, a crappy, dumpy feeling me turned to a friend/personal trainer to help me better understand exercise, food, health – all things that confuse me. Other things that confuse me include Cody Simpson, plastic blow-up decorations and Rubik’s cubes.

My friend made me read a book. I liked the book. It promoted Vitamix blenders. I was all, “What’s that?” Amazon told me I needed one. I take Amazon very seriously. I happened upon a Vitamix demo while perusing Whole Foods. It confirmed; I needed one. Begging, pleading, saving, researching, bribing all ensued around me getting a Vitamix.

Recently, I got a Vitamix. Her name is Princess Num-Num and she is so beautiful.  I use her to make food. Then, I clean her and hug her and tell her I’ll see her again soon.

Princess Num-Num's first ride

Princess Num-Num’s first ride

She is not just a blender, so those of you that say that (Dad and husband, Jon) are seriously mistaken. She makes frozen desserts, hot soups (with only friction), smoothies, sauces, dressings, and so much more. She is a blender, food processor and happiness-infusion machine. Whatever ingredients I throw in her, I can almost hear her say, “Bitch, I got this,” which is exactly the kind of thing a regular Target blender will not say.

Long story, short… Princess Num-Num gives me yum-yum for my tum-tum. I’m 33 years old.



4 responses to “Princess Num-Num

  1. That’s my girl!!!!! Take it( the act) and Princess Num-Num on the road!!

  2. You just crack me up. And because I love you, I’m not going to correct your spelling and/or grammar!

  3. Jenna… your so darn funny….

  4. So I’m afraid to ask what you’d name your dog. But real funny stuff — inspired me for a couple of things on a post I just published.

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