I’m Back – Pretend You Care

Some of you may remember that years ago, I had this very popular blog entitled, “JennaFYI”. It had a huge following of about 10 people, mostly blood-related. So what happened to this really awesome blog? Well, I got knocked up. By my husband. Planned. Nine months later, I birthed a child and time for writing was as mythical as a two-headed unicorn. Duocorn as it may be.

So now, as said child approaches her third birthday (hold on while I cry for awhile), I’m back in action. And by that I mean that every few weeks or months or minutes, I may have time to post.

So join me if you will. Come aboard this wild ride called my blog. What will it be about? F&%$ if I know. But we’re in it together, my 2-3 friends reading this. Without further ado, I give you some boring posts, until I get back in the groove. I’ve made a lunch appointment with Stella who promises to share her secrets with me. (Old 90′s reference? Yes. And not at all ashamed.)

Fasten your seat belts; you’re in for a slow, possibly dull ride and when you fall asleep, I don’t want you to fall out.

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