Yeah… I’m a Writer.

So as noted in one of my previous posts, I had been kicking around the notion of taking a writing class for some time. Finally, after saving my pennies, I enrolled in Nonfiction 101 through Gotham Writers’ Workshop. I am now in week 3 of 6 and I gotta say, I dig it. Am I making leaps and bounds with my writing? Not really, but I’m definitely getting good insight, critiques, and meeting some diverse people.

It’s an online class, non-accredited, and I’m taking it because I love writing and I need a hobby. I’m becoming really top-of-the-line boring as my thirties approach. Most nights I have my pajamas on by 8 pm and I’m happy about this. I’m snoring by 11:30. Even on the weekends.

The first week of the class was memoirs – piece of cake. I can talk about me all day long – as evidenced in this blog. Me, me, me… It’s totally Jenna FYI. Not because I’m vain, but because I know no subject better than myself. I’m an easy target… errh… subject.

The second week was personal essay. That was a bit tougher – mixing personal opinion with a broader issue. I managed, though. My sister-in-law and an excellent teacher, Susie, jumped to the rescue with some guidelines she had on hand from her curriculum.

Current week, week three, is on feature articles. I really like this lesson because of my work with, where I write two columns – all feature articles. I think it’s excellent reinforcement and great tie-in. 

My writing road ahead is unpaved for the time being. The Department of Transportation hasn’t returned my calls yet, so I’ll take the sidewalks for now.  A few more classes, a couple more freelance jobs, who knows? I may be the next Dave Barry or Nora Ephron or some other person I don’t really follow, but a lot of others do.

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