Yoplait – ARRRgh!

Great title, right?

Anyway, this short post is simply to express my frustration with TV commercials. Yes, occasionally I’m forced to watch TV that has not been Tivo’d. It makes me shutter to think about it, but it happens. And when it does, I’m exposed to such things as this:

The Yoplait commercials are some of the worst out there. There is no one, no one that is fooled into thinking Boston Cream Pie yogurt tastes just like the real deal. Where’s the thick chocolate icing?  Give it up Yoplait. I hate you and your false advertisements.

Occasionally, a funny commercial will flash its 30 seconds and I applaud the creators and thank them for their innovative sense of humor. This, for example, is hysterical:

I mean, the little grasshopper screaming is soooo funny. He’s a grasshopper. And he’s screaming. What could be funnier?

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