Open Mic Night

About a week and a half ago, I dragged my good friend Kathryn along with me to Goodnight’s Open Mic Night, which they hold every Wednesday. Why? Because somewhere in me, I feel I have an open mic night tucked away and waiting to spring out and bring joy to the 20 people that come to such events. So naturally I had to check out my competition.

Kathryn, being the good friend that she is, helped me to assess who was funnier than me and vice versa. I’d guesstimate that about 10 acts performed, of which 4 made me laugh, and 2-3 were actually funny. I think I have a chance.

Afterwards, we waited so that I could talk to the booking agent and see what was involved. The booking agent was a wee bit named Kenny. No taller than myself, but thugtastic. We bantored and I made him laugh and he invited me to come audition (which apparently you have to do).

Before I tell you the next bit of the evening, let me first give you a piece of background info. I told Kathryn that I was going to wear a new blouse from Martin & Osa that I loved, but felt was a little too deep-necked for work. I am normally very conservative, but thought, hey, I’m a grown woman and if I want to show a little cleavage on a night out, I’m allowed. Let the girls work their magic. Now that you know this, I will continue.

After we left the club, Kathryn informed me that my right breast had been hanging out of my shirt the whole time I spoke with Thugtastic Booking Agent Kenny. She said she was going to signal a cue to me to pull up my shirt, but decided that in the name of being a good friend, she’d let me continue uninterrupted. My boob, she felt, could only help the situation. That is why I love her.

I have yet to audition, but it is in my smartphone on my “to do” list. I’ll keep you posted.

2 responses to “Open Mic Night

  1. Stephanie Trunzo

    Though I was not there, I feel compelled to point out – or really to ask and confirm – that the boob was not actually the whole way out? I know the shirt, and I feel it would be impossible for this to happen in any way but intentionally…

  2. That is correct. I will qualify – it was not the whole way out. It was peaking somewhere between quarter crescent and half moon. Confirm with Kathryn, as she was the one witnessing the event.

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