Grocery Staples.. In my home?

I never keep groceries in my home. As I live less than 3 minutes from my local grocer, I go daily instead and just get what I need. Ok, ok… we also eat out more frequently than I care to admit. That being said, you will be hard-pressed to find items like milk, butter, bread, sauce, etc. in my fridge or pantry.

Why am I telling you this? ‘Cause I want to, so shut up and listen! (I wish I could say things like that in “real life” to actual people standing in front of me or on the phone. Sigh.) Anyway, I’m telling you this because I have taken the next step into adulthood. As of about a week ago when Harris Teeter decided to put gallons of milk on sale for some insanely cheap price like $2.50, I started stocking milk and occasionally butter! It’s momentous. When I have a box of dehydrated au gratin potatoes that calls for milk to perk them up into something remotely edible, I just go to my fridge and there it is! Of course, I had to make a trip to the store to get the boxed potatoes, but when I get home, my milk is waiting.

Mostly, I just enjoy a class of chocolate milk to ease my acid reflux at night. My milk is a medical supply.

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