Spiritual Massage and Energy Reading

imagesLet me explain by showing you a little glimpse into my past. I’d tell you to close your eyes, but that would make reading a bit difficult. It all started months ago when I felt in need of guidance. Naturally, I thought the best source for said guidance would be a psychic, preferably one dressed head to toe in appropriately ridiculous garb (hopefully a turban), and maybe if I was lucky, she’d have a few cats milling around while she peered into her crystal ball. To be clear, I wanted to pay money to a phoney, albeit a believable phoney, to tell me things I wanted to hear. You would not believe how hard this sort of person is to find in Raleigh, despite the plethora of signs advertising just that! What is really available is a sad, chain-smoking woman that allows you to show up at any time, sit on the couch beside her sleeping, unemployed 40 year-old son, while she doesn’t even try to pretend she has anything to offer you – all at the going rate of $80 and up. This woman does not wear a turban. She wears flannel.

As this was not acceptable to me, I sought guidance elsewhere, finding a lot of it in chocolate cakes and various sundries. Months passed. If you felt a small thud, it is only because we have arrived at our next destination on the story timeline – Christmas 2008.

My sister presents me with her gift. It is a gift certificate to see an energy reader/ fixer. This woman is no whackadoo. She is a certified RN and just happens to also know her shit about energy fields, chakra, stones, etc. I was elated at the idea of being balanced and spirtually read. I made an appointment.

Travel with me to St. Patty’s Day 2009. Yesterday. Others were making deals with Leprechauns for Pots O’ Gold. Not I. I was visiting my spirtual masseuse. There I lay, fully clothed, on a table while various stones and crystals were placed all over my body and Veshenka (Names have been changed for anonymity. Any connection they may have to real people is purely coincidental, etc. etc.) hovered and lightly touched all around me to balance my energy, release blocked areas, and read what there was to read from my energy flow. I did have a few odd physical reactions to all this, such as numbness in my toes and random twitching in my muscles, and a few moments where my pulse was almost audible.

I will not reveal all the things that Veshenka found in me, as they are intense and also I don’t want to. I will tell you these items:
– My left leg was a real energy hog. Apparently, it had a lot of blocked energy in need of release. I believe it is due to my unhealthy Pirate obsession.
– I have a lot of love in me and I’m ready to give it. (I love you.)
– I learned some things about my husband and how deeply connected his energy is to mine.
– My sister and I will have a bond that lasts forever, as will our children.
– I often forget to breathe. Sadly, this is a true statement.
– I need to work on staying grounded. (The understatement of the century, folks.)

Now, these are probably things that most any of you could have said to me, so call it what you will, think what you will, laugh at me if you will… It’s all the same to me. The power of suggestion is strong and more importantly, I left feeling very, very happy about the whole thing. I’m not saying I’m a believer or a nonbeliever in energy balancing, but was it fun, entertaining, enjoyable, calming, and something I will surely remember? Ahh, yes! Will I go back again? Travel with me to the future…

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  1. Stephanie Trunzo

    You’re welcome.

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