Our Own Personal Brand of Crazy

We all have our own personal brand of crazy. Brand O’ Crazy if you prefer the Irish translation. How many times have you looked at someone and thought, “He/she must be crazy to think/do/act/say/be …. (fill in the blank).”? And you are absolutely right; they are crazy. It’s their own personal brand – their created, indulgent, off-kilter, alter-ego brand of crazy. Some people wear their crazy like a badge of honor. Others hide from their crazy. Still some aren’t even aware of their crazy. These people are tricky because either they are repressing it so well that they’ve convinced themselves they don’t have any crazies or they are simply too arrogant to admit their crazies or so oblivious to their selves that they don’t recognize their crazies.

Let’s take a look at the elderly for an example of one type of personal brand of crazy (I’ll stick with the American translation for the masses). Everyone knows an elderly person that they would call CooCoo, loco, or downright crazy. We tend to dismiss it as old age. “Oh, Grandpa’s getting older; he doesn’t know people can hear him calling them morons and lazy sacks of shit.” In fact, Grandpa not only knows they can hear, it is his intention in most cases. See Grandpa has always been crazy, but he uses his old age as permission to let the crazy out. It was always in there, lying dormant, waiting. Now at an age where he doesn’t need nor seek approval from anyone, the crazy has awoken in Grandpa and it’s not going back to sleep. Grandpa likey his crazy.

Now me, on the other hand, I embrace my personal brand of crazy… mostly. Mostly, I am ok with my crazies and chalk them up as idiosyncracies you love or hate about me. Either way, they are my crazies and I will defend them righteously. Still, some of my crazies I am working on correcting. One such is wearing the color red. I won’t go into detail, but with the help of my mother, sister, and husband, I feel confident that my “red crazy” is on the way out. I’ll audition other crazies to take its place, of course.

Disclaimer: Now if your personal brand of crazy manifests in any way that could feasibly land you behind bars, you’re going to want to reign it in a bit. If your brand of crazy has you using sharp knifes in ways other than julienning carrots, you are what we, the common folk, call “certifiable” and should seek treatment at your soonest convenience. If your brand of crazy has you sticking cheerios up your nose because you believe a small village lives up there and its townies are in need of food and/ or lifesavers, go to the nearest white room with padded walls. You’ll be safe there.

If, however, your personal brand of crazy is more like mine – endearing, a bit annoying, and overall harmless, let it out! Take it for a ride. Try it on for size. Go on… fly your crazy flag high.

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