Pet Peeves – Make Mine Yours

I have many. I’m pretty sure you are doing, wearing, or acting in a way that is on my list. Here are a few.

1. I cannot tolerate when the hem of clothing is turned up accidentally.
2. Do not say the words, “I am so hammered, dude.” Ever. Not even if you are. Not even if you are 20 and at a frat party. Never.
3. I do not like clothing that says any of the following words: diva, cutie, sweetheart, naughty, Mrs. Kutcher, Mrs. Pitt. Especially if it is written across your ass cheeks.
4. I cannot stand being in the same room with someone who is brushing their teeth. It gives me goosebumps all over. The bristles and the teeth… It’s just too much.
5. I hate it when my hands smell like food. Say I’m eating a taco, for example, and then my hands smell like greasy cheesy salsa-y mess. That is troublesome. It is especially upsetting if they still smell like said food after a few washings.
6. Loud chewers – Why? Why must you chew so loudly? Turn the volume down.
7. Technical support in another country that I cannot understand and end up more confused about my product and why it isn’t working than before I called. Enough said.
8. People that do not remove the “is” after their name in their Facebook status when it doesn’t fit in the sentence. For example: Jenna is Kennywood tomorrow. Jenna is not Kennywood.

This posting has made me think I should start a series on Top 5s or Top 10s. Yes, I think I will. I’m pretty sure everyone wants to know my Top 5 favorite everythings.

4 responses to “Pet Peeves – Make Mine Yours

  1. Erik is likes this

  2. Mariah Passarelli

    AWESOME list. I propose a few additions that are in my pet peeves list that appear to fit nicely into yours:

    To item number 3, please add the word “juicy.” Also insane. Particularly accross the ass of a person who still shops at Limited Too (i.e., is 13).

    … and, in line with number 6, if it’s that hot, don’t drink it. Slurping as a cooling mechanism for your beverage is unacceptable.

    … and, again, in line with number 6, the human body at rest is a stealth machine. It should not make noise for you to exist (exceptions made, of course, for people with medical conditions, stuffy noses, etc.). This means, if you are breathing audibly, smacking your lips, grinding your teeth, clearing your throat, and/or yawning aloud, STOP.

    Oh, and animal print clothing should have a statutory size limitation.


  3. Yes! Juicy is the one I couldn’t think of! People that have personal conversations on the cell phone in store lines make me cringe also. Oh, the list could go on and on!

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