Mean because I’m tired… or just for fun?

So I’ve been asked to answer this prompt:
“Give us your best blog on little sleep, edge of grumpiness, two wonderful little boys needing attention and love AND lots of tasks to be conquered.”

Well, I don’t have any experience with little boys needing attention, unless of course, you count my husband… ba da bump. Little sleep – well, I’m a bit of an insomniac at points, so I’m familiar with that one. Grumpiness is my middle name. Tasks? I’m doing twenty of them while typing this.

My answer is a concise one. Lack of sleep + inordinate amount of tasks = permission to be wicked. Not in a scarring, now you sent someone to therapy kind of way. More like secret sabotage which hurts no one and gives you great pleasure. Here’s an example. One set of my neighbors are really unkind, not nice people. I like to take the litter that blows into my yard on windy days and place it in theirs when they aren’t home. I feel good, they aren’t hurt, all is well. Now is that the nice thing to do? NO. Would smiling all day and thinking positive thoughts be a better approach to the rough days? Probably. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t do the above every now and then. (Shhh… wink, wink.)

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