Seaweed in your butt…

Yesterday, while trying on clothes at the mall, I overheard a little girl talking to her mom in the dressing room next door to mine. She gleefully recalled to her mother, “Remember that time we had a seaweed fight at the beach?” The mom chuckled at the memory and agreed that she did, in fact, remember that. The girl continued, “Remember how I stuck seaweed in your butt?” I felt the mom’s embarassment through the wall. Too funny.

One response to “Seaweed in your butt…

  1. That’s awesome. When I was in Barnes & Noble over the weekend, I was sitting next to a couple in the cafe. The woman was frantically trying to get her husband to recall a gentleman she was referring to. Finally, she paused and said, “You know the guy I’m talking about. He’s the one that looks like turkey bacon, NOT regular bacon.” The man paused and then nodded. I think that marriage is going to beat the odds.

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